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About InHouse

"We’re a social bunch of real estate professionals, developers, and creative tinkerers who love to learn and ask questions. Building beautiful products that simplify and empower businesses is our passion."

Meet the Team

Luis Palomares

Luis E. Palomares

Co-founder & CEO

Luis is a curious mind with a passion for design, music, and creating. By day, he designs software and serves as the CEO of InHouse. By night, he makes music and dreams about the future.

Cooper Kowalski

Cooper Kowalski

Co-founder | Head of Operations

Cooper Kowalski is an adventurer who never plans on growing up. He has always wanted to start his own company and loves learning from the successful business people he meets and talks to on a regular basis

Josh Gill

Josh Gill

Co-founder | Head of Technology

Josh is a creative tinkerer who learned how to code when he was 13 years old. In addition to being InHouse's Head of Development, Josh is a mechanical engineer and a flight instructor.

Danny Kirk

Danny Kirk

Co-founder | Head of Growth

Danny is a Georgia transplant in the desert southwest who loves being part of fast growing teams. When he's not on the horn with new partner companies, Danny enjoys traveling and volunteering for sloth conservation organizations

Mat Friedman

Mat Friedman

Co-founder | Content Manager

Mat is a co-founder and Content Manager for InHouse. Aside from educating customers about technology and designing cool infographics, he’s had a lifelong passion for music which led to an 8 year career as a DJ before joining InHouse.

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